Wednesday, December 30, 2015

There are six of them in there already!


안녕하세요, 여러분!

We had a pretty fun week this week.  A good amount of stuff happened.  On Monday, we 전도ed around 광나루, which is a rich area next to the river.  It's pretty far away, so we weren't able to get to the whole area, but we met some cool people.  On Tuesday, we had a house check by the senior couple.  It was pretty fun, because Elder Cannon said, "I guess we'd better see if your oven works or not..." and then he made us some chocolate chip cookies in it.  We have never even used our oven before, so it was really awesome.  I really miss chocolate chip cookies.  Also on Tuesday, we were able to do a 식사 (a member meal) with all of the missionaries in our district with the stake president (which is legal now, because they changed the rule where you can only have one team at a 식사).  The stake president is super cool.  He pretty much grew up in America, so he's fluent in both English and Korean.  But, we only spoke Korean there with him.  It was fun.  We taught him the Restoration as a message, and it was a very spiritual experience. 

Our Stake President-김현수, Elder Ellingford, Elder Song(송현빈), SP's wife-홍성미, Elder Jeong(정영기), Sister Lynn, Elder Jarrett, Sister Lenhart, Elder Carmen, Me

On Wednesday, it was Pepero day!!!  빼빼로 대이!  Pepero is a cookie stick type of thingy that's pretty good, and on Pepero day, you give some to the people that you love.  So, my companion/district leader got a whole bunch and gave it to the district at district meeting.  Of course, he said I was his favorite on his little note to me.  On Thursday, I went on exchanges with Elder 정영기.  He is Korean, and he is not terribly good at English.  We met with John that day, so we taught him bilingually.  Then, when we were closing our exchange, Elder Jeong said something like, "Because I could serve with you today, I'm tickled pink!" and I kind of totally just lost it.  He's a pretty funny guy.  On Friday, we were able to make kimchi.  Pretty much, we just salted cabbage and let it sit out for a nice long while.  It smelled wonderful.  Then, on Saturday, we were able to meet with a new investigator.  His name is Leon.  He is super awesome.  He reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy wants to find the truth, so he had tons of questions to ask us.  He's already read most of the Book of Mormon, so all he really needs to do now is to pray about it.  He is really cool.  He was born in Singapore, and raised in Canada, so his accent in English is super duper weird.  It's understandable, but strange.  I think he will get baptized pretty soon.  

Just before email today, I was able to pass off my last lesson in Korean to my district leader.  Now, I have to do pass of with the zone leaders, so I called them to schedule an appointment.  We were joking around, and they asked me how many goats and pigs I was going to bring for the sacrifices.  I asked if cows were okay, and they told me that cows are a little too big to fit in their house.  My response was, "Are you kidding?  There are six of them in there already!"  So, I might get an automatic fail on my pass-off but I think it was kind of worth it :)

That's all this week!  Thank You!!!!!!

Elder Tyler Conley

An additional story he sent to me, plus pictures of his apartment:

I have a story that happened last night.  Since Elder Jarrett is the district leader, he needs to get stats from all of the missionaries in our district.  When he called the sisters, they wouldn't answer, it even sounded like they were rejecting our calls.  We tried a whole lot of times, then asked the zone leaders to try.  Both the zone leaders and the sister training leader called, but they got the same response.  Elder Jarrett and I are pretty worried at this point, so we called President Sonksen.  We told him what happened, and he didn't say anything except, "I'll get the AP's on it" and then hung up.  It was pretty stinking sketchy.  Our area has a small history of strange stalker people for the sisters, so we were sore afraid.  Elder Kang, our AP, told us to go to their house and see if they were home.  We rushed over there, and they were home, and the only problem was that their phone was broken.  Elder Jarrett and I were a little put off by that being the problem.  Anyway, today, we found out that Elder Kang told the zone leaders that, if they weren't at home, the whole zone would have to go out and look for them.  They pretty much freaked the whole mission out.  It was a little scary, but it's over now.  I told Elder Jarrett, "Whoever can freak me out that much deserves a medal."
 Small kitchen, plus Elder Jarrett
"The bathroom's weird, because it's like the whole bathroom is the shower, so in the mornings, before the shower dries out, we have to take off our pants and stuff before we go to the bathroom, because it's all wet!"
Drying room

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