Wednesday, February 8, 2017

새해 복 많이 받으세요~! (#3)


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This was a pretty fun week!  We did a lot of very exciting things this week!  And,  Elder Martinez is still alive, so that's good!  It's always good to be alive! ^^  We had a very great Christmas Conference this last week on the 28th!  It was awesome!  I was pretty bad a taking pictures this week,so sorry I don't have any exciting pictures of this week.  Our Christmas conference was a very spiritual one.  The whole stake's missionaries gathered together at the office to listen to our wonderful President Sonksen train us on teaching repentance, as well as the Atonement.  It was one of the more spiritual experiences on my mission, probably.  It was also fun to see all of the other missionaries, and share stories about 원당 with the missionaries serving there.  

We also had a really fun Family Night on Saturday.  We played Quidditch!  We didn't exactly have enough brooms, so we used anything that had a handle like a broom.  It was pretty great.  Our team lost, though ㅠㅠ

We also had a really cool miracle this week!  We were outside, proselyting on the street, and we talk to this guy standing there.  He says how he has a lot of interest in what our beliefs are, and so we ended up sitting down with him in a bakery and teaching him the whole Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The sad thing was, he attends another church, and since he is devoted to that church, he wasn't quite willing to accept the entirety of what we taught him.  But, we were able to see his heart get softened exceedingly.  We talked about happiness, and he wants to be able to find happiness, and now understands how our message can bring it, so hopefully, that will lead him to meet with missionaries with a full heart to learn next time.

It's been an awesome week, and I hope you all have a most excellent week!

Elder Tyler Conley

P.S. Happy New Year!

 Just for Elder Bradshaw
Me and my 사랑하는 동반자 (loving companion)

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town!!~~^^


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This was a pretty exciting week!  My subject line this week does not leave a lot of guessing, does it?  Santa Claus totally came to town this weekend, but he missed his cue the first time!  That was embarrassing.  I was sitting in a different room, waiting for Elder Benson to come tell me when we were starting our performance, but then, I heard our song going, way past the time I was supposed to come in.  Yeah...  It was pretty fun.  I'll attach the video of it, because this explanation is very poor.  The Christmas party was pretty great.  I love 신당 ward!  They know how to throw a great party!  We had dinner beforehand, and there were many people who were nonmembers that came to our party!  It was pretty great!  

The missionaries performed again on Sunday, and luckily that went well enough.  I was very very worried about it, because of the music that we had chosen to perform, and the fact that it was slightly difficult made a lot of the missionaries in our district discouraged, but luckily through much trial and practice and by the grace of God it became well.  휴우...

As for exciting spiritual news this week, we were able to meet with two of our investigators.  이의수 is the first one.  He was fun to meet with.  He has lots of questions regarding the gospel and our beliefs, and his heart is continually getting softer and softer to accepting our message.  We had a really good lesson with him this week.  Then, on Friday, we met with 임한상.  He went really well this week.  We talked with him about baptism and the Holy Ghost after following up with his repentance, since that was the commitment we gave to him last time.  Now, he has said that he would like to get baptized as soon as he finishes reading the Book of Mormon!  He said that he would be able to do that by the end of January, so that's our goal now for helping him to come unto his Savior by baptism!

This week has been a really good week.  The will of God will never be undone.  One of my favorite scriptures that I found recently, at my last temple visit, was D&C 121:33, which talks about God's omnipotence and how he will always continue to bless us with knowledge.  It is a really wonderful blessing, and something that I have learned on my mission is that all things will be for our benefit.  We can learn at all times, through thick and thin, through the best of times, through the worst of times!  I love this gospel and how much it can bless this world.  It is truly the happiest thing that we can obtain in this life, and sharing it as a missionary and seeing others' eyes be filled with the light that it brings brings such sweet joy to my soul!

Love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Tyler Conley

 Ho Ho Ho!!
The sisters in our district (Sister Engerbretssen(?) and Sister 이지수) and 이지열b, our Ward missionary leader and his family, and 강병근b and 황문영s 

Do you wanna build a snowman?
Tyler gave Brett a pair of "old lady" pants for Christmas. He said they're so comfy and that he has a couple pairs. Then he sent us this picture with the following email: "Here is the picture of destiny.  While we were making 김치, President Sonksen walked up to me and said, 'I don't know about those pants!  Not that, but I just don't know if I would be caught dead wearing them.'  So I told them of their extreme stylishness and how we needed a picture."



We had an exciting visitor stop by a week before Christmas. Jason and Holly Peregoy showed up our doorstep with a box of gifts. I had no idea who they were when I first opened the door, and I wondered why someone was bringing us sub-for-Santa gifts. I just assumed they had the wrong house. Then they said they were from Korea. It still didn't really register because they looked and sounded American to me! Thank goodness Holly just kept talking to make up for my shock. She explained that they were in the military and had come home for their son's wedding. They had offered to take gifts home for Tyler's and Tristan Baird's families. When it finally sunk in, I was so overwhelmed. We talked for a long time about how Tyler was doing and what it was like in Korea. This is an excerpt from my letter to Tyler that night: "The Peregoy’s were telling us about some of the food there. She said she hasn’t tried dog or live octopus. Have you tried those things? They were also telling us that when you go to the movies you get popcorn, a drink, and squid. Very interesting. He also told us about the first time he went to church there. He left early enough that he thought he would be really early, but by the time he found it sacrament meeting was over. Ha ha ha. To me they're angels. That was the very best Christmas gift anyone could ever give me. I love them so much even though I barely know them." We opened the gifts on Christmas day while we were talking to Tyler. Here's a picture of our Christmas angels:

Jason and Holly Peregoy

They are actually in the picture Tyler sent a few weeks ago after Thanksgiving. I didn't take particular notice until after I had met them.

We had another surprise the week before when the bishop texted and said he had asked all the missionaries to send an email that would be read in sacrament meeting on Dec. 18th, so we got an extra email from Tyler. The first email is from our bishop to Tyler, followed by Tyler's response.

"Hello Elder Conley,

I hope my email finds you doing well. I also hope you are enjoying your mission and learning to love those you are serving and teaching. I know the Lord will bless you as you serve faithfully. He loves you and is pleased with your desire to follow our Savior’s example by sharing the gospel. I have a question or favor to ask. Our Sacrament meeting topic on December 18th is "How the Atonement of Christ Can Help Us Be Patience and Long-Suffering in Adversity". I am inviting each of our ward missionaries to send me an experience or two and their testimony (approximately 5 to 7 minutes) on this subject so we can share your experiences and testimony with members of the ward on Sunday, December 18th. Will you be able to help me with this? Will you let me know either way so I can prepare and make adjustments as needed? I would like to surprise your family with this so please do not mention it to them if that is okay. If you have any questions, please let me know. 
Yes, I can help! 

There was a time in my mission that I was not very happy at all.  I had left my wonderful trainer and my wonderful greenie area.  My new companion didn't feel like a very good match for me, and I was not enjoying myself very much in my second area.  That sort of state continued on for the three transfers I was with this particular companion, but during this time, I was able to come to rely on our Heavenly Father much more and recognize the love that He has for each one of His children.  The biggest two things I learned during this time were humility and charity, both of which help a lot with patience.  I also came to enjoy reading Mosiah 24:14 and D&C 121:7-8.  Throughout this time, I gained a strong love for the gospel, for my Father in Heaven, and even for this companion that I was not getting along with at all.  Through learning all of this and being humble to God as well as talking and counseling with mission leaders that I had gotten very close with, I was able to find comfort in this new area, and able to be happy again.  

I really know that God loves each and every one of His children, and that He will help us all the time, and especially when we are having a rough time.  I know that through being humble to Him and His will, we can overcome all things, and that by following His will for us all will be well.  I know that any hard thing, any trial can be overcome, and that all those who endure with patience and with love will be given a happiness greater than anything that they could ever imagine."
Before these things happened I had been feeling really worried about Tyler. One of the first things Holly said to me was, "He's doing great!" I appreciated that so much from someone that had seen him just a few days earlier. We also got this extra email and it did a lot to alleviate my worry. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of His missionaries and their families. I feel like these experiences were tender mercies to put a mother's heart at ease.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Initiate Training Sequence


안녕하세요, 여러분!  

This has been a pretty fun week!  We did some fun stuff this week!  On Tuesday, being the day before transfers, we did some Hot Chocolate proselyting!  That means we give people hot chocolate and talk to them about the gospel.  It was pretty fun, especially since it was pretty cold this week.  Funny story: last week, when I was a little bit sick, we had a day that was planned to be inside for pretty much the whole day, so I thought I was going to be fine with just a suit, because I'm me.  But, due to some unexpected occurrences, we ended up proselyting on the street for about two hours straight while it was getting dark outside, and it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold.  That is what we call 핵노잼 in Korea (Heck no jam)~ It was not very fun at all.  And that is why our hot chocolate 전도 went so well this time!  It brought back some good memories. ㅋㅋ 

And, now for the exciting news-- I have a new greenie now!  His name is Elder Martinez, and he is from the faraway land of Payson, Utah.  He's a pretty great guy.  Reminds me exactly of me when I was a greenie.  ㅋㅋ  He's really cute, but don't tell him that I said that. ^^  We have had some fun together.  We met this fantastic man on the subway with a guitar and the most stylish sunglasses you've ever seen, who played us some Black Sabbath, Queen, and some Stairway to Heaven!  That was a really fun little experience.  But, probably the best thing I've seen happen while we are together is the principle of what the Atonement can do for us.  I see him and I feel like there are some things that he will need to change, but then I remember that I was the exact same as him when I was a young warthog.  He's going to be an awesome missionary.  It all reminds me of a quote by President Russell M. Nelson, "Perfection doesn't come in this life, but in the next."  I know that to be true, but I also know that through the Atonement of Christ, that we can come to be perfected in him by following His gospel, and that as we follow him throughout our life, we can find a joy and happiness that exceeds all else.  I love you all!~~

Elder Tyler Conley

 Introducing Elder Martinez!!!!
A picture of us at family night (We played Pac-man-wokkawokkawokka)

Missionary Work is Fun to Do!


안녕하세요, 여러분!  

We had a pretty great week this week!  This week was a testimony strengthener for sure!  Particularly our testimony of how God blesses us with miracles no matter the situation was strengthened exceedingly.  If you're all wondering where exactly I'm going with is, it means that both Elder Kang and I took turns getting sick.  Being sick as a missionary is 핵노잼.  But, we saw some awesome miracles while we were both sick.  It was actually during our overlap times of being sick that my favorite one happened.--

We met with a new Chinese investigator this week.  His name is 장이미오, or Jang i mio, or something like that...  But he is really interested in the gospel!  He is so cool!  We had a member translate for us, and we learned that our new investigator has lots of interest in learning about our religion!  He can also read the traditional Chinese Characters, which is lucky, because that's the only Book of Mormon that we had in our house... ^^  It was pretty great!  

Also, Jason (That one investigator that we met with once a while ago that was really cool), called us in the middle of the day on Wednesday and told us that he would be at the church in 20 minutes to receive a lesson.  So that was pretty cool.  He's doing well.  He is very gung-ho about religion, and it's pretty fun to watch him talk about how great it is to follow the gospel.  

Also, the last thing is that transfer calls came this last Saturday.  I'm staying here.  Elder Kang is moving all the way to the other study room in our house... (That means he'll be companions with Elder Megargel).  I am also going to be training a new missionary starting this next Wednesday.  So, that's exciting!  ^^

Elder Tyler Conley

We Be 신촌 선교사!!


안녕하세요 여러분! 

This was a pretty fun week.  Due to the lack of spending time in our own area, we were not able to do much missionary work in our own area this week.  We went to the 신촌 area 3 days in a row this week!  We met with one of the young men in our ward, who, thanks to his failing of an important test, has decided to serve a mission, and is preparing super fast!  He actually had his bishop interview yesterday!  We met with him and helped him prepare to send his papers in.  They're actually papers in Korea.  And, it was pretty much Elder Kang helping him prepare, because Korea is not America in multiple ways, including the stuff they have to do for missionary papers. ㅋㅋ 

Then, it was Temple P-day! We went to 신촌, where the temple is!  We spent P-day with the Elders from 원당! My old area of five transfers!  We didn't really know each other before, but because they are both in the area that I closed back in the day, we became instant friends!  Plus, 정우림e is one of the Elders that went to Costco with Elder Jarrett and I way back when I was a greenie!  How crazy is that!  

Then, it was Zone Training!  We went to 신촌, where the zone meeting always is!  The whole purpose of it all was to get us pumped up for Christmas.  By the way, if you haven't checked out #lighttheworld yet, now is the time to do that!  This Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to become like the Savior!

Then, it was Language Pass-off!  We went to 신촌, where the AP's serve.  That was fun.  Not much else to say about that.  

It has been a really awesome week.  I have one little thought I want to share about.  Every Sunday, we have the wonderful opportunity to take the sacrament.  As a missionary, I love feeling the Spirit that is in the chapel during the sacrament.  I had the opportunity to pass the sacrament this last Sunday, and seeing the members take the sacrament with a sincere heart brought so much joy and gladness to my soul.  It is truly a wonderful thing to see other people continuously taking action to reach salvation.  I know that God loves all of His children and that He has done and will continue to do everything for us, just as any parent would for their children.

Elder Tyler Conley

Thanksgiving! (문자 그대로 감사드림)


안녕하세요 여러분! 

This was a pretty fun week.  I did learn, however, that Thanksgiving is a whole lot more fun when one is not a missionary.  Because you can sleep after you eat your weight in food.  (That's a lot of food, in my case) ㅋㅋ We did have a most excellent opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving- American Style this week.  We had an invitation from the American military base church members for the missionaries to come spend Thanksgiving Dinner with them.  The events leading up to it were all pretty fun.  For example, in our 9 missionary district, only 4 of us are American. Apparently, the concept of eating dinner at 1:30 doesn't make sense to non-Americans.  That was funny to explain.  Also, a story regarding the title:

Elder 강원호(Kang) and Elder Megargel and I were all together, trying to teach Elder Kang about the word literally.  So, we started using 문자 그대로(literally) literally every place it could fit.  Needless to say, Elder Kang didn't understand.  

And now, a cool miracle that happened this week.  We were waiting for our appointment on Saturday in the snow. (Yeah, it snowed!).  We ended up waiting for a total of about 30-40 minutes.  But, during that time, a man came over to the phone booths that we were standing by, and beckons me over.  We all start talking, and he is really interested in the principle of the Restoration of the Gospel, because he used to attend church, but he didn't feel that it was the right church.  So, he believes that there is a right church out there, and that he just hasn't found it yet.  His name is 김태경.

We also had a Stake Choir Conference this Friday, where the ward choirs of the whole Stake come together and have a friendly competition.  역시 원당 와드가 이겼습니다.  It was pretty fun.  I am famous in Seoul Stake!  I've served in half of the Stake now, and at the beginning of December, I'll have served in this Stake for a year!  I felt pretty popular that night.  ㅋㅋ

Have a good week!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Thanksgiving Party!
It's Christmas!

Under Pressure!~


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This week was took a big turn.  Long story short, I got wrecked by an AP.  But, that's a really boring story, so I'll tell the whole thing, and also the aftermath thereof.  

I was in the office, doing Korean pass off with Elder Nam, my old district leader now turned AP.  We practiced teaching a little bit, and it was...meh...  So, after our roleplay, he tells me," Elder Conley, this is the highest level of pass off that a missionary can do, so we don't want you to just be all right, but we want you to be GOOD.  You have to change the way you teach so that the Spirit can really take place here, and that I can feel it."  So, we did it one more time, and it was amazing.  The gospel can only be preached by the power and authority of God, as well as through the feelings of our own hearts.  If we don't have a conviction of the gospel in our own hearts, what makes us think that our words can help place them in another's?  But, on the other hand, with a conviction of the gospel and all things related to it, what can't we do?  There is nothing to fear.  God is our Heavenly Father, and will support us in all of our right actions.  That is where our own personal faith comes in.  That we believe in the converting power of the gospel, and that people, through feeling the Holy Ghost as they feel the Spirit, can cultivate a desire to change in their hearts.  

I've been applying what I've learned to all of the teaching opportunities that I have had thus far, and they have gone so much better.  The gospel can be brought unto the hearts of the children of men so much better without fear.  All people need to hear this gospel and be presented with an opportunity to accept it, but they also need the fair opportunity that comes with being taught by the Spirit.  The Holy Ghost is a wonderful being, who is able to cause miracles on the earth, even in these days as in days past, and also in days to come.  I'm so grateful to be serving as the Lord's representative here in Korea, and to bring the gospel unto these amazing people.  

Love you!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Here's a cool looking subway station that Elder Kang and I found!
 This is Korea right after the test of destiny (수능, it is the test that the seniors take, and completely decides their future), so everybody's partying!
Not quite as good as Irish swag, but...