Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Missionary Work is Fun to Do!


안녕하세요, 여러분!  

We had a pretty great week this week!  This week was a testimony strengthener for sure!  Particularly our testimony of how God blesses us with miracles no matter the situation was strengthened exceedingly.  If you're all wondering where exactly I'm going with is, it means that both Elder Kang and I took turns getting sick.  Being sick as a missionary is 핵노잼.  But, we saw some awesome miracles while we were both sick.  It was actually during our overlap times of being sick that my favorite one happened.--

We met with a new Chinese investigator this week.  His name is 장이미오, or Jang i mio, or something like that...  But he is really interested in the gospel!  He is so cool!  We had a member translate for us, and we learned that our new investigator has lots of interest in learning about our religion!  He can also read the traditional Chinese Characters, which is lucky, because that's the only Book of Mormon that we had in our house... ^^  It was pretty great!  

Also, Jason (That one investigator that we met with once a while ago that was really cool), called us in the middle of the day on Wednesday and told us that he would be at the church in 20 minutes to receive a lesson.  So that was pretty cool.  He's doing well.  He is very gung-ho about religion, and it's pretty fun to watch him talk about how great it is to follow the gospel.  

Also, the last thing is that transfer calls came this last Saturday.  I'm staying here.  Elder Kang is moving all the way to the other study room in our house... (That means he'll be companions with Elder Megargel).  I am also going to be training a new missionary starting this next Wednesday.  So, that's exciting!  ^^

Elder Tyler Conley

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