Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thanksgiving! (문자 그대로 감사드림)


안녕하세요 여러분! 

This was a pretty fun week.  I did learn, however, that Thanksgiving is a whole lot more fun when one is not a missionary.  Because you can sleep after you eat your weight in food.  (That's a lot of food, in my case) ㅋㅋ We did have a most excellent opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving- American Style this week.  We had an invitation from the American military base church members for the missionaries to come spend Thanksgiving Dinner with them.  The events leading up to it were all pretty fun.  For example, in our 9 missionary district, only 4 of us are American. Apparently, the concept of eating dinner at 1:30 doesn't make sense to non-Americans.  That was funny to explain.  Also, a story regarding the title:

Elder 강원호(Kang) and Elder Megargel and I were all together, trying to teach Elder Kang about the word literally.  So, we started using 문자 그대로(literally) literally every place it could fit.  Needless to say, Elder Kang didn't understand.  

And now, a cool miracle that happened this week.  We were waiting for our appointment on Saturday in the snow. (Yeah, it snowed!).  We ended up waiting for a total of about 30-40 minutes.  But, during that time, a man came over to the phone booths that we were standing by, and beckons me over.  We all start talking, and he is really interested in the principle of the Restoration of the Gospel, because he used to attend church, but he didn't feel that it was the right church.  So, he believes that there is a right church out there, and that he just hasn't found it yet.  His name is 김태경.

We also had a Stake Choir Conference this Friday, where the ward choirs of the whole Stake come together and have a friendly competition.  역시 원당 와드가 이겼습니다.  It was pretty fun.  I am famous in Seoul Stake!  I've served in half of the Stake now, and at the beginning of December, I'll have served in this Stake for a year!  I felt pretty popular that night.  ㅋㅋ

Have a good week!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Thanksgiving Party!
It's Christmas!

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