Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Under Pressure!~


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This week was took a big turn.  Long story short, I got wrecked by an AP.  But, that's a really boring story, so I'll tell the whole thing, and also the aftermath thereof.  

I was in the office, doing Korean pass off with Elder Nam, my old district leader now turned AP.  We practiced teaching a little bit, and it was...meh...  So, after our roleplay, he tells me," Elder Conley, this is the highest level of pass off that a missionary can do, so we don't want you to just be all right, but we want you to be GOOD.  You have to change the way you teach so that the Spirit can really take place here, and that I can feel it."  So, we did it one more time, and it was amazing.  The gospel can only be preached by the power and authority of God, as well as through the feelings of our own hearts.  If we don't have a conviction of the gospel in our own hearts, what makes us think that our words can help place them in another's?  But, on the other hand, with a conviction of the gospel and all things related to it, what can't we do?  There is nothing to fear.  God is our Heavenly Father, and will support us in all of our right actions.  That is where our own personal faith comes in.  That we believe in the converting power of the gospel, and that people, through feeling the Holy Ghost as they feel the Spirit, can cultivate a desire to change in their hearts.  

I've been applying what I've learned to all of the teaching opportunities that I have had thus far, and they have gone so much better.  The gospel can be brought unto the hearts of the children of men so much better without fear.  All people need to hear this gospel and be presented with an opportunity to accept it, but they also need the fair opportunity that comes with being taught by the Spirit.  The Holy Ghost is a wonderful being, who is able to cause miracles on the earth, even in these days as in days past, and also in days to come.  I'm so grateful to be serving as the Lord's representative here in Korea, and to bring the gospel unto these amazing people.  

Love you!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Here's a cool looking subway station that Elder Kang and I found!
 This is Korea right after the test of destiny (수능, it is the test that the seniors take, and completely decides their future), so everybody's partying!
Not quite as good as Irish swag, but...

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