Friday, November 18, 2016

A Lot of Fun Activities That Didn't Actually Work Out That Well


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

That there subject line is probably the best few words I can use to explain this week.  We did a lot of things that didn't work out quite as well as we hoped.  For example:

  • We had a member dinner scheduled for Friday night, but that got cancelled, so we decided to streetboard.  It poured buckets on us starting from 5:50.  (Koreans absolutely despise the rain, to the extent that they fear it)
  • We had a lesson with a new investigator named 한상, who wanted to read the Book of Mormon in English with us. I was on exchanges with Elder Tapan.  We decided prior that we would just make it through the introduction and share a small message and give commitments and then be done.  Then, 2 hours later, we finally finished the introduction.
  • On Thursday, I had a Korean pass off with the AP's, and after 2 hours, I finished half of it and had to leave
There are a number more, but I don't want to spend to much time on that.  I suppose that one of the biggest miracles of this week is that I'm still happy and optimistic.  We had a super awesome Family Home Evening activity on Saturday Night.  So many people came!  A couple of the members just brought their friends!  Everybody there loved it!  Then, the next day, the bishop came in to a little missionary planning meeting that we were having.  He told us that, due to the new member missionary program that he initiated last week, in the near future, there should be 44 new investigators for the missionaries, as well as 34 less actives for us to work with!  How cool is that?  Miracles happen when the members and missionaries work together!

Love you all!

Elder Tyler Conley

 We went exploring this week, and found this beauty.
I also found this beauty in the church (a different usage of the word "beauty")

Monday, November 7, 2016

We Be International Missionaries!!


안녕하세요, 여러분!  

This was a pretty fun week.  We did a lot this week.  As you might be able to see from the title, we taught many people this week who are not Korean.  Well, kind of...

We met a certain Zuniel Kim this week (김준일).  We got a call from our Office Elders this week on Thursday, asking if we have some time the next day, because they need a team who can do both English and Korean very well, so they can translate.  The situation is that a Sister from the other end of the Seoul South mission is coming up to our area to direct her nephew who has a little bit of business to do in Korea.  She was really worried because she can't speak English, and her nephew can't speak Korean that well.  김준일 was born and raised in Germany, but luckily, he spoke English very well.  And let me tell you, there's nothing more strange than listening to a Korean speak English with a German accent.  It was pretty fun.  He is a really cool guy.  He is a filmmaker, and is 34 years old.  But, he is returning to Germany tomorrow.  We had a really good conversation, and eventually he thought that he would like to hear more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We were able to receive his address, and so later he should be able to meet with some missionaries in Germany.  

We also met with Richard on Saturday.  He is from Uganda.  He is returning in December, so we will be working on meeting with him a couple of times before he goes back.  He read the Restoration pamphlet that we gave him, and really really wants to read the Book of Mormon.  Due to a shortage of copies of the Book of Mormon in the English language, we weren't able to give him a copy, but we told him how he could download it on his phone.  He's pretty great. 

The work is picking up here a lot.  We have had a number of new teachable people come up, so we are working really hard to make that happen, and miracles happen literally every day.  It's a wonderful work that's going on!  I love it so much!

See you all next week!

Elder Tyler Conley