Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Halloween Party Madness


오!  안녕하세요, 여러분!  

This week was literally the Halloween party, and that's it.  We didn't even have time to 전다/street contact, which is pretty much impossible in Korea.  We also found out yesterday that we did not eat a single meal that we cooked at home this week.  Whoops.  Anyway, this week was an extremely strange one.  We only got around to doing street missionary work on Monday, which was not P-day this week, because we had Temple P-day this week.  On Temple P-day, we go to the temple in the early morning, and then we have P-day the rest of the day, which is pretty nice, because you get a little longer to do stuff because you don't need to do studies or email or anything like that.  On that day, we went to 인사동, which is like a little touristy place, where you can get traditional Korean items and stuff like that.  I got a pretty cool looking traditional Korean bell.  Then, on Wednesday, we had district meeting, and did a little bit with deciding how decorations would go, and then we did some Language Progression Pass-off for lesson three, and then the bishop wanted to have an emergency meeting with us, so we had approximately 0 min. to do anything else.  Then, on Thursday, we had 12-week follow up, where all of the new greenies come and see how they're doing with President Sonksen and the AP's.  It was fun to see the people from my district there, like Elders Littlefield, Baird, and Polley.  President Sonksen is probably one of my favorite people on the planet.  Surprisingly enough, none of the other greenies believed me when I told them that we had no time to 전도.  I don't know why...  

On Friday, we had weekly planning, which took up the whole afternoon.  Then, we had to spend the whole night decorating for the Halloween party.  Everyone is just ready for this thing to be over by this point.  Then, it was finally Saturday.  We had to spend the whole day decorating, up until 5, when the party started.  The party was surprisingly much more fun than I had anticipated.  We started with a barbecue, which was really delicious.  Then, we started games, and the Korean Elders made a haunted house thing in the basement.  I should probably say that our church is three stories, with just the chapel, doubling as the cultural hall, on the top floor.  The basement is pretty creepy all by itself, so the haunted house worked out real well.  They did a really good job on it, because it was still pretty scary in the light, as well as the dark.  What perfected it is they had our ward mission leader, 강민수, get a fake ax, and had him put one of those most glorious horse heads on, and just had him wander around the basement.  It was beautiful.  Then, after a long period of anguish and torment (just kidding), the party was over.  

Nothing really happened on Sunday, except Elder Jarrett broke a window while trying to smash a bee.  That was kinda funny.

Till next time!

Elder Conley 

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