Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Relatively Boring Week, Sorry!


This is by 아차산, our local mountain.

This week was, indeed, quite boring.  I was only able to teach one lesson the whole week.  Elder Jarrett was able to teach another when we were on exchanges.  That's right, we did exchanges this week.  I went over with Elder Ellingford to his house, and partied it up with the Korean elders.  Party is probably not the right word, but it was a fun exchange.  We were only able to do studies and 전도 for the whole day, though, but we were able to 전도 to a different part of our area that I had never been to, so that was cool.  Elder Ellingford is a really awesome missionary.  He is a master of enduring to the end.  He didn't downright say this, but I think that he hasn't had such a good pick with his companions.  He's been in for over a year now, and a lot of his companions haven't been very good for him.  But he is one of the most awesome people I know.  That was a fun exchange.  

My only lesson this week was with 김성민.  He is super duper nice.  We talked to him about prayer and faith, and then gave him a super weak baptismal commitment, because he's very reluctant to talk about the gospel.  But, it was apparently too weak, because it kind of just blew over.  He still wants to meet with us, though.  I am super excited for him, because I do believe he will get baptized eventually.  I think Elder Jarrett will have gone home before that, but hopefully it will be when I'm still in 화양.  Also, there is something about me that Korean people just love.  The old bishop and the Modelizer guy (Modelizer is just a burger place in our area) both know enough English to say, "I like you."  김성민, whenever he meets with us, says, "내가콘리장로볼때, 항상웃게되다!" which means, "Whenever I see Elder Conley, it always makes me smile!"  He's a really funny guy.

We also had a change in our bishopric yesterday.  The old bishop's final talk was really sad and touching.  He was pretty much crying the whole time, and Korean men don't ever cry.  So, pretty much the entire congregation was crying.  

That's all for this week, sorry.  


Elder Conley

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