Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kimchi-making service project


안녕하세요, 여러분!

This was a pretty good week.  It was pretty low as far as stats go, but it was a pretty fun week.  

We had P-day on Monday,  and we went to a cool palace!  My camera was dead, so I do not have any pictures.  I can see if my companion has some, but we will see.  It seems to rain every single P-day now, or at least it has for the last three weeks, including today.  

On Tuesday, we did 김장, which is kimchi-making.  It was for a big service project, so there were a ton of missionaries there, as well as a  bunch of people from other organizations.  I didn't actually make the kimchi, I just moved boxes full of kimchi, which was still fun.  Then, we studied.  Because I am a greenie, I need to study for four hours a day, so that blew out our whole afternoon.  Then, we had a 식사(meal) with a member of the ward with the whole district.  The ward seems to like us better now that we can have the whole district at a meal together...  We taught them about temples, and apparently the man of the house, who is the first counselor in the stake presidency, is really into temples, so that was pretty cool.  

On Wednesday, we had district meeting and English class, and between those and studies, the whole day was gone, except for one hour, where we were able to 전도.  Then, I went on exchanges with Elder Carmen from that night until Thursday afternoon.  English class got over so late that we had to get home super fast, and we barely made it home by 9:30.  

On Thursday, with Elder Carmen, we met with 이동진, who is a less active member who got into a car accident, so he is now pretty handicapped.  We read the simple Book of Mormon Stories book with him, and just talk with him a little bit.  After that, and after we had finished our exchange, we had Missionary Correlation Meeting with 강민수, who is our ward mission leader.  He had Elder Jarrett bear a testimony for the spiritual message, and I sort of almost cried.  I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, when he gives his final testimony at the temple.  

On Friday, we had weekly planning, and then I went and passed off LPP with the zone leaders.  So, I was cooped up inside for the whole day.  But, I passed, so I have LPP with the AP's this Friday, and then I get the Certified Teacher achievement!  

On Saturday, we had English class again.  That night, we had a huge Music Night activity with our stake, but there were a bunch of missionaries from other zones there and stuff, so who knows what it was.  It was a great activity.  There was a lot of piano, some opera, and even a little Greenday!  I feel kind of guilty about listening to that last one, but it was also really sweet.  Our mission president was even clapping along with it and stuff, so I guess it's okay ;)  

Then, it was Sunday, and we had church and then studies, and then it was time to go to bed again.  Wow.  

Also, I guess it's been over four months since I left on my mission, so that's cool.

Bye Bye, everyone!

Elder Tyler Conley

The offering Tyler took to his zone leaders when he went for language pass-offs.
A comic Elder Jarrett's mom sent to him.  Elder Jarrett's going home on Dec. 11.

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