Saturday, August 29, 2015

The best gift!


Hey, Family buddies!

I have been working quite hard this past week.  We learned so much new stuff about Korean this week.  The most interesting thing we learned about is called gerunds.  Basically it allows you to put more than one verb in a sentence.  English has them too, but I had never heard of them until I learned about them in Korean.  I have been very tired lately.  Does Dad have any suggestions for staying awake during personal study?  Because I don't ever totally fall asleep, but I nod off quite a bit.  I haven't seen Nathan at all since he's been here, but I've seen Carter like three times at least.  I always love to see him.  I am so excited for Calvin to come!!  I have missed him a lot.  My Korean is definitely coming along.  I actually get the grammar very well, so right now my problem is mostly learning vocabulary, which is a little tougher for me to do.  Yesterday, we taught Brother Driggs as our investigator, and it did not go very well.  The Korean was fine, but we couldn't figure out what he needed to hear.  We kept telling him that following God and Christ would make him happy, and he kept saying that he already was happy.  We talked about answering that question after we taught him, but I didn't feel like the question was actually answered very well.  I am getting very anxious to fly out to Korea.  The MTC is getting a "daily grind" type of feeling, except for the fact that we've gone through about 9 teachers because both of our main ones left on vacation at different times.  I am glad that I am already on my fifth week, though.  It does not feel like it has been that long.  A little over one more week, and we will be the oldest missionaries in our zone.  That's weird, because I still feel like the youngest ones.  

On Tuesday, I got a cool mission T-shirt.  I would send a picture, but I left my camera in my classroom.  On Wednesday, I got one of the best gifts I have ever received from Shawn, the janitor for our service building:  A parachute soldier!!  It was Shawn's last week here, though, which makes me kind of sad.  I am sure it makes another elder happy, though, because Elder Jenkins in another district had to clean toilets three weeks out of the four that we have worked there.  I suppose that this concludes my email for today.

Elder Tyler Conley

P.S.  Thanks for the package.  It made my whole day better.  I have made sure to share some with my district.  The cookies are in perfect shape still. 

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