Saturday, August 29, 2015

Great, kid! Don't get cocky.


 Yeah, it's been real down here.  Chinese is not coming out so much anymore, but it is helping me more now.  Apparently, the Koreans use different Chinese characters for the days of the week, as well as the character for love.  Everyday we take a quiz on them, and everyone groans because they don't want to take a quiz, and I just ask, "Do I even have to take it?"  Then my teacher gives me this look and says no.  I really enjoy being taught by Sung Hyeong Jae Nim (That's the romanization for the Korean word for Brother).  He left this very morning, and our other main teacher doesn't get back until tomorow, so tonight we are being taught by Campbell Hyeong Jae Nim and Punk Hyeong Jae Nim (His real name is Brother Reynolds, but we call him that because Sung is always calling him a punk, because he speaks low form to some of the teachers).  Also,  P sounds like the Korean word for blood, so we always call today Blood Day.  I've seen a couple people I know so far.  I actually just barely saw Chaylee Chadwick from colorguard walking into the lab.  I have seen Ryan, but I think it was like his first or second day or something.  I have also seen Josh Von Niederhauser, who is a person from my school.  As of yesterday, we are no longer one of the youngest districts in the branch.  Three brand new districts of missionaries arrived yesterday, but sadly, they don't even have the same residence hall as us.  

Yesterday, we were eating breakfast with the sisters.  They asked us what we planned on doing when we got back home.  I said I would reacquaint myself with a friend, but I was referring to Emmett.  Sister O'Loughlin asked if it was a "special" friend.  I was all like, "Yeah, I guess so.  I guess he was basically my first high school friend,"  and I totally missed the actual point of what she was asking.  She said, "Oh, it's a he,"  and I soon realized my mistake.  Ha Ha!!!  :)

On Tuesdays we have different General Authorities come speak to us in the devotional.  This last week,  we were told that we would really want to sing in the choir, because they were going to record it and blast it out to every MTC in the world.  I was already planning on it, because I have been in the choir the whole time, because it isn't audition anymore.  Anyway, the speaker turned out to be none other than now-President Russell M. Nelson!!  That was pretty much one of the greatest moments of my life.  On Sunday we heard from Sheri Dew, who I was told by Sister Fields is a great Time Out For Women speaker.  I have to say, she was amazing.  

I am glad for this chance to serve the Lord in Korea.  Korean is finally making sense grammar-wise.  Thank you for supporting me in this decision!

LOL (Lots Of Love),
Elder Tyler Conley

I failed to mention that I also have seen Elder Watts here as well.  

I also failed to talk about our service assignment.  Basically the janitors in the building where we do our service are a bunch of goofballs.  The head janitor has a tall head, and a really low, but obnoxious voice.  He is one of the funniest people I've ever meant.  The other janitor that we work with is a ginger, and he pretty much just hates on all the Elders in a really funny way the whole time.  Yesterday was an eventful service day.  Previously, Shawn (the head janitor) found some Goofy String and a bag of parachute soldiers.  He told us that the hardest working elder would get the goofy string and a soldier, and the second would get just a soldier.  While we were working, Shawn unlocked the door to my companion's twin brother's room, just so he could prank him.  At the end, after Elder Littlefield and I finished cleaning toilets (bleeahhh), we had a huge ceremony, seeing who would win the prizes.  Shawn had taped the goofy string and the soldier to the mouth of a rubber chicken, and pretended for it to slowly gravitate towards the winner, who was some Japanese Elder who I did not know.  But, Elder Baird won second, so now our room has a parachute soldier in it!! 

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