Saturday, August 29, 2015

1st email!

So exciting to get the very first one!


Tate and Grant had better watch out, or else they'll become MTC Presidents.  All three of them went on a mission to Brazil.  My companion's name is Elder Polley.  He is a tall volleyball player-like person.  But, besides that, him and I are pretty much the exact same person.  He loves Smash Bros., and there were more reasons why, but I can't remember them right now.  Chinese didn't really help me until recently, with learning Korean numbers.  In fact, it confused me more than anything.  Every time I would try to speak Korean, Chinese would almost come out.  Also, we had to teach a lesson every day to an "investigator" in Korean!  Basically, we read the first 3 lessons out of a book, and improvised the last 2.  The last 2 went really well, I think, because we got to say what we wanted to.  It was super stressful for me, and I think the stress momentarily threw off my urinary tract.  I had to pee about every hour for the second and third days here.  This first week went by SO SLOW.  Each day seemed like an eternity.  I really love every member of my district.  Their names are, besides Elder Polley and I:  Elder Baird, Elder Littlefield, Elder Litster, Elder Sabey, Elder Rees, Sister Fields, and Sister O'Loughlin.  I have a picture of all of them, but I forgot to bring my camera today.  I will show you next week or later today.  Elder Littlefield and Elder Baird are companions, and they're our roommates, so I've gotten pretty close to Tristan during the last week.  He is one of the most awesome people I've ever met.  Elder Littlefield and Sister Fields studied Korean extensively before they came, and they had a huge head start on all of us.  Sister O'Loughlin is a really funny and spiritual person, but she is also very quiet.  Elder Litster is half-Korean, so all he really needs to learn is the sentence structure, which is soooo weird.  It goes Subject, Object, Verb.  Anyway.  Elder Sabey went to China for a while before he came here, so he knows a little bit of Chinese as well.  Elder Rees is a super study man.  He taught himself Korean really well, really fast.  All of them are really awesome people.  That's all I can think about right now, so I guess this concludes my email.

With huge amounts of love,

And we got a bonus - pictures!

I asked Tyler what he was doing in the first picture.  His response was, "it's the pose that all Asians do when they take a picture."  I thought he might not know what he was talking about, so I asked my Japanese friend about it.  She said it's true.  Well the peace sign part, anyway!

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