Saturday, August 29, 2015

Only 2 and a half more weeks until it gets really exciting!


Dear Family,
I'm sorry I've been writing so short, but I am really not sure what to write about. That is really annoying that everything got stolen from the swim lockers.  You have to be a real jerk to pull something like that.  
I really want to just go to Korea right now.  I feel like the only thing to learn at all now is vocab, at least in the MTC.  We have gone through basically all of the grammar forms, and so I feel that the only way that I can speak a little better is to just go out there and figure it out.  Yesterday, Driggs 형재님 told us a little bit about the culture there in Korea.  They have two different number sets, a Chinese and a normal Korean one.  The Chinese set was pretty easy for me to learn, for obvious reasons.  But, the Korean numbers are a bit harder to figure out for me.  There similar to the Spanish numbers in the way that you count with them.  Anyway, our teacher was telling us that one of the things that the Korean numbers are used for is age counting.  The only way that you can call someone an actual friend is if you are the same age in Korean.  I am technically 19 in Korean, because they count by birth year, and not birthday.  They still celebrate birthdays, but they don't mean anything special.  It's the older people that are super honorific in Korea.  Some of them will go and make a big deal out of their age, and our teacher said that when they do that, even if you don't understand what their age is, you just say, "Oh," and bow really low.  
This last week, we had TRC again on Friday.  If I haven't told you, TRC is when we teach people that volunteer from the outside world.  On Friday, we taught the same person that we taught last week.  We had a lesson prepared on missionary work and temple work.  We had him read a scripture and asked him how he felt, and he was all like, "I don't know," and it totally confused us.  He then told us he was an investigator.  I don't think he is one, though, because I believe I recall him telling me he went to Hong Kong on his mission.  Anyway, we completely dropped our entire lesson plan, and taught him as if he were an investigator.  It went quite well, to be honest.  
Yesterday, we got new missionaries in our branch.  These ones are going to the same missions as the people at our age or whatever (level of experience is probably the best way to put it).  It feels really weird, because that makes us the oldest district now.  To be honest, I still feel like I should be the youngest district.  The MTC is going by really fast, because I also feel like I just barely got to know the missionaries that came in less recently.  We talked to the new missionaries last night, and they seem to be pretty cool.  
I love Sung 형재님 so much.  He is probably one of the greatest people that I have ever met.  He is so fun to have as a teacher.  Even if what we are learning one day is going to be really boring, like yesterday, he makes it enjoyable still.  He got sick this week, right after he got back from Korea, so I kind of felt bad for him.  However, he did come yesterday, even though he was taking like four pills or something to make him feel okay.
Something new that I have found that I like to do is to play four-square.  It is so much more intense than it was back in fourth grade.   We played it with our district this morning, and it was pretty even.  One of the rules that I don't like is that it's not supposed to go over another person's head, and I like to smash it a lot, so I get out a lot because I do that.  I hope this e-mail was better!  Only 2 and a half more weeks until it gets really exciting!
Elder Tyler Conley

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