Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rex Kwon Do


That's awesome to hear so much from you guys!!  I can barely think of how to respond to so much information.  Thanks to Dad for the tips on staying awake.  I think I'll start taking those vitamins that you sent with me now, and also do a small workout before bed every night.  This week was pretty fun.  I started learning a little bit of Tae (Rex) Kwon Do from Elder Peterson, who is an elder from one of the older districts.  I can't learn any more from him now, sadly, because his last gym time was yesterday.  Yesterday, our district had the opportunity to help the new missionaries with their "How to Begin Teaching" class, where we were missionaries that started off a lesson and a group of about 50 other missionaries took over and finished.  I did see Calvin there, but not for very long, because he wasn't in the group I was helping with.  I actually also just barely saw him, and he wanted to hear some Korean.  So, I bore my testimony to him in Korean.  He was quite impressed.  I haven't actually had enough time to have a real conversation with him, but it's still good to see him.  Those pictures that you and Dad sent me are awesome.  I especially like the one of the waterslide and Chad in it, because of Drew's face in it.  Spencer's job is seeming to be really fun... not really.  That sounds more like a pain.  Just so you know, junior year was my favorite year out of all three at Sky View.  It was also the hardest academically, but it was great.  I don't have my travel plans yet, sadly.  I don't get them for another 2 weeks or so.  

Thanks for the emails!! They totally made my week!

Elder Tyler Conley

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