Monday, February 15, 2016

Too Soon!


오!  안녕하세요, 여러분!

Sorry I am emailing a little bit late today.  We had a 식사 with our ward mission leader, and they fed us 돈까스 (donkas), which is like a fried pork cutlet.  And, since they made it pretty much a buffet, and since it's rude not to eat a little bit, Elder Bradshaw and I competed to see who could eat the most.  We tied at 14.  

This week we did not end up doing a whole lot because we moved houses.  I literally just cleaned a house to be sold 4 weeks ago, and now I had to do it again.  Not terribly exciting.  And, our new house is much smaller than our old one.  As the other elders have said, it would make a wonderful two man house, but it is for four people, so it's not very great.  We started moving Thursday morning, and we are still not finished, because downsizing makes it really hard to get rid of everything, especially when you live in Korea, and their recycling laws would take my whole email time to describe.  

As far as other missionary work this week, we were only able to meet with 임상현 (I spelled his name wrong last time).  As of last time, he had thought that the Book of Mormon was a spellbook, and that Jesus was a wizard (and I really hope he was mostly just kidding about that, but I really don't know).  So, this time, we had to tell him how all of the basics were, and it was an okay lesson.  He's reading the Book of Mormon now, so we should see some progression here soon.  

I was also able to see a convert baptism this week.  His name is 류명석, and he is the other team's recent convert.  He is really cool, and watching his baptism was a wonderful experience.  

That's actually all we did this week, because we were moving for most of it.  Sorry!


Elder Tyler Conley

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