Monday, February 15, 2016



안녕하세요, 여러분!!!^^

This week was transfer calls, and then the transfers are on Wednesday... Scary.  It was also my 6 month mark as a missionary, which is really weird, because I still feel like I'm really new.  As far as transfers go, I am staying in 원당, and so is Elder Bradshaw!  Elder Sol is leaving, and Elder Eggleston is becoming a zone leader, rather than a district leader.  Elder Bradshaw really doesn't want to be district leader, and since our district has only four elders, it seemed as if he were going to be district leader.  He was soooooooo worried.  But, it turns out that our district is combining with the 일산 district now, so Elder Flora from 일산 will be our district leader.  Also, two elders from my 동기 (they came to Korea at the same time as me) are going to be companions in 일산, so I will get to see them at every district meeting.  How exciting!!

The first half of this week was spent finishing up moving apartments.  We are finally done!  We finished on Tuesday night.  Then, on Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Eggleston.  We 전도ed for a little while, and then we had to shovel the church parking lot, because it snowed!  It finally snowed!  It was kind of funny, because while I was shoveling, I remembered that the last time I shoveled snow, there was 4 feet of it, and I was doing it in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  That was weird.  It actually snowed again today, so that was a nice surprise to wake up to.  When I say it snowed, I mean about half an inch of snow.  It's not really a lot of snow, but it's something.  Then, on Thursday, we didn't even get to do companionship study, because the AP's wanted Elder Eggleston to come in for a Korean pass off test at 10, and then they had a whole bunch of other appointments, so he pretty much didn't start until 1, and finished at about 3-3:30.  So, I spent the entire day at the office.  I got to see a lot of missionary friends, because President was also having interviews at the same time.  But, I have also decided that I never want to become an office elder.  Probably, now that I've said that, I'm going to become one now.  I guess we'll find out.  

On Friday, we had to go on exchanges again, because our team had two appointments at once, so I was with Elder Eggleston for about 2 days, instead of just the normal 1.  On Saturday, we handed out English Flyers to a bunch of people so they could come to our English class, which we did right after that.  Then, we had Family Home Evening.  We played "Do You Love Your Neighbor" for the game.  When we had to wrap up, I was the last one to lose, so Elder Eggleston made me sing a song in front of everyone there.  But, luckily, there is no video of me singing "I'm a Little Teapot" in front of a bunch of Koreans.  Close call.

That wraps up this week!  Thank you all so much!

Elder Tyler Conley

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