Monday, February 15, 2016

We Found Some People!


오! 안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week was a pretty fun week.  This was pretty much the first week I have had in 원당 that we weren't super duper busy with everything.  I think that it might very well be the only one, too, because the practices for the Easter Music Night begin this week.  So, here we go again.  

Due to our lack of investigators (except we still have 임상현), we spent a whole lot of time finding this week.  It was actually pretty much the most exciting week that I've had in 원당 so far, I think.  And, our efforts have also produced fruits!  We are meeting somewhere around 3 new potential investigators this week, and our old investigator, 김종우, reappeared!  We thought he was gone!  He wasn't answering our phone calls or texts or anything, but during weekly planning this week, we called him and he answered, and we set up an appointment.  

This week was also 임상현's birthday!  A member in our ward invited us to make 만두 (potstickers) with her, so we invited 임상현, and he thought that sounded fun, but it turned out that it wasn't really fun.  I thought it was delicious, personally, but he was not having a wonderful time.  So, we took him out for chicken after.  He was very much happy after that.  We also taught him a very short lesson, about Lehi and the Tree of Life, and we asked him if he would read it himself this week, and he did it!  So, we will follow up on that this week and see how he understood it, and if he can figure out life's purpose, and stuff like that.  

I also went on exchanges this week. Since our district leader is in 일산, I went clear over there with him.  And, the other two people living in the 일산 house are two people in my 동기:  Elder Biesinger and... Elder Polley!  My MTC companion!  So, we had a fun time together on Wednesday night.  Elder Flora (the district leader) also taught me a lot that I can do to improve my missionary skills and be more humble and follow the Spirit and all that good stuff ^^  It was a great exchange.  

That's all the interesting stuff for this week!


Elder Tyler Conley

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