Monday, February 15, 2016

세해복많이받으세요! (again)!!


안녕하세요, 여러분!

That is right, it was New Year's again today!  Today was 설날, the lunar new year (which I think is kind of funny, because the word sounds very similar to "solar").  That is why I am emailing so late today.  We had a big conference at the mission home, where they trained us on various missionary subjects.  We also ate lunch there.   There were 9 members of my 동기 there (they came to Korea at the same time as I did), so during lunch, we all sat at our own table and exchanged missionary stories and it was really fun.  I can definitely call it a 설날 파티!  

This week was an awesome week!  We met with two different potential investigators, and they both became new.  One is named 문양준 (Moon yang june), who is 24.  He told us when we met on the street that he was not really interested in religion or anything dealing with that.   I have now decided that I am just not going to believe anyone that tells me that and then makes an appointment with us.  We had been meeting for maybe 5 minutes when he started asking us about our church, and the Book of Mormon.  We had to go to another appointment really quickly when he asked about Joseph Smith, so we set up another appointment right there so we could teach him again.  Our other new investigator is 유광석.  He is the chairman of the Buddhist Scout Council, and owns 4 companies, one of which is in Japan.  But, he is interested in learning our doctrine.  He has no desire to be converted or anything like that, he just wants us to teach the doctrine so he can know what our church believes.  He is a little hard to meet with, because he spends a lot of time in Japan, but we will continue to try to meet with him.  

We also had an awesome lesson with 임상현.  The Spirit was so powerful during that lesson.  I think that, after this lesson, he will progress quite rapidly.  We talked about faith a lot, and found out that he only has "half-faith".  He believes that God exists, and that's about it.  But, he knows what the Holy Ghost feels like, and has felt it before.  I think that, now, we will definitely be seeing miracles with him.  

Having church yesterday with it being 설날 was pretty fun.  During this holiday season, people get really, really happy when you say "세해 복 많이 받으세요!" to them.  So, I said that to a ward member, 백정화b, and he said "네, 장로님!" and gave me this huuuuuuuuge hug with his arms and his legs.  It was pretty funny.  He dressed his daughters up in 한복s too, which was suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute.  A 한복 is just the Korean traditional dress.  They were so cute!^^

That's what this week looked like!  세해 복 많이 받으세요!  ^^

Elder Tyler Conley

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