Monday, February 15, 2016

This Was An Interesting One...



This week, we did not really do anything.  Well, we did a little bit, at least, as much as we could.  

Due to 설날 being this week, there were approximately 0 people on the streets.  No one could meet, except for our one investigator, 임상현.  We had another really great lesson with him this week about the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement.  I'm starting to see a marvelous change come about on him.  It will be pretty slow at first, but I believe it will accelerate soon, and he will be able to see the blessings of the gospel come into his life.  Other than that, we met with 박태호, a less-active member of our ward who lives in 일산.  He really really wants his daughter, 조연, to get baptized.  We taught a lesson to both of them, but his daughter is 8, so it was a little weird to teach quite that simply, but it was a good lesson, and he wants us to keep visiting in the future, so that's definitely a blessing.  

The rest of this week, we did not do a whole lot.  On Tuesday, Elder Eggleston and I had to go on exchanges because of a Music Night practice that the other two Elders had to go to, and there were no plans, so we tried to 전도, but when there are 0 people on the street, it's a little difficult.  On Wednesday, we did Deep Cleaning (again!).  It was my 4th time doing it in my 5 months in Korea.  That's as many as a missionary will usually do doing their whole missions.  I was also bored the whole day, so while I cleaned, I did some Arts & Crafts with a whole bunch of random stuff that I found.  I made a power outlet using an extension cord and some tape, and also a magnet board made out of razor blades (yes, I was very bored).  Then, on Thursday, it was P-day, and we just hung out around the house.  Nothing special.  Then, because Elder Bradshaw and the rest of the violins in the quartet received the same revelation, it was decided that the entire piece needed to be changed. So, that's what we spent the rest of the week doing.  

We were also able to have dinner with 이현규 and his family, who are members of our ward, last night.  They are super cool.  We had a nice long conversation about Aerospace, since that's my what I will major in, and they were really interested in knowing about how I chose that, and what it entails, and stuff like that.  It was pretty fun.  
That's all for this week!

Elder Tyler Conley

P.S.  I will be better at taking pictures, because I have been slacking off.

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