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안녕하세요, 여러분!!

This week was a pretty great week.  We were a little bit busy this week with various meetings, including district meeting, many planning meetings, and interviews with President Sonksen!  I love President Sonksen!  He's the best mission president I've ever had ^^  In all seriousness, though, I love him to death.  He has helped me so much on my mission, and I love serving under his authority.  As far as planning meetings go, they were definitely a necessity.  일산 (Il-San) ward is a little tense as far as member relations go (I had a witness of that today. I called a member and it was literally the most awkward moment of my entire life), so we, as missionaries, decided to plan some activities to help the ward get closer to each other as well as to us.  One thing we decided on was a barbecue party!  That was a great idea, because 원당 (Wondang) had the most awesome barbecue party ever, so we decided we would like to do something of that sort.  I am excited to work in 일산 (Il-San), and to really help this ward out, and serve the people here.  

We saw some cool miracles yesterday.  Eliot wasn't able to come to church, so that was a bit of a bummer.  But, while we were walking to go streetboarding, we started talking to this kid, who is fluent at English (because we're in 일산).  He really liked us, and when we started introducing ourselves, he said, "Actually, I really want to come to your church!  Is it all right if we go together next Sunday?"  It was pretty great^^  His name is Kevin.

We also met a guy that said he was named 현 (Hyeon).  He really liked us too, and started talking to us and wondering how we got so good at Korean, and it turns out he had a lot of interest in learning English.  We gave him one of our English class flyers, and he looked like a young child on Christmas Morning.  He was so happy that we teach English for free!  He says he'll come next time, so hopefully he does and we can get to know him better and pick him up as an investigator.  

That's all for this week!  Love you all!


Elder Tyler Conley

 Hence the subject line . . .
 There's a spider on my hymn book ^^
 Lake Park
친구 (Friend)

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