Thursday, July 28, 2016

What a week!


안녕하세요, 여러분!

It has been a pretty interesting week in the making, with my move to 일산 (Il-San).  It's pretty interesting here.  It's weird because, due to my being in the same zone for almost my whole mission, I have served a number of exchanges over here in 일산.  Which leads to a pretty cool miracle that I saw my first day in 일산.  Way back in the old days, in January or February, I went on exchanges with a certain Elder Flora.  With him, I taught a lesson to a certain 황대연 (Hwangdaeyeon, does that help? Haha), a student about my age who was really nice and seemed to have some interest.  We made some calls in the middle of the day this Wednesday, on my first day in 일산, and I saw a name on these records: 황대연.  "This name looks rather familiar,"  I thought to myself, "I'm pretty sure this is the guy that I taught with Elder Flora.  It says that they started teaching him.  I wonder what happened to him..."  so I called the number, and he picked up and he remembered me, and said that he would call later when he has some time to meet.  


We were traveling on our way to the big shopping area later that day to go streetboarding.  I stopped to talk to a student aged person in English, and I asked what his name was.  He said, "Daeyeon." (대연) and gave me an awkward little smile, so I smiled back at him and I knew exactly who he was.  He was the same guy that I had taught a lesson to, and that I had called earlier that day.  We talked a little bit more, and he says he can meet as soon as testing is over.  

Yep, 일산 (Il-San) is a pretty cool area.  I am excited to explore it a bit more in the future.  It's pretty fun being here, because since I've been here a lot, I already know a lot of the area, and I know a lot of the people that the areas here are dealing with.  Doing calls is really fun, because I was there when a lot of people gave their numbers to us, so a lot of the time, I can ask if they remember me.  

Have a good week, everybody!  사랑해요~

Elder Conley

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