Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bu-bye Now~


안녕하세요, 여러분!~

This week was a very fun week.  We got transfer calls this week.  And let me just say, Wow.

Our whole zone's getting destroyed.  Elder Peterson and I are closing our area.  Elder Peterson is going all the way out to the boonies to 원주 (Won-ju).  I'm also going extremely far, to 일산 (Il-San)(That's a joke about the far part.  일산 (Il-San) is literally the next area over).  I have been on exchanges over there a number of times.  Since our area's closing, 원당 (Wondang) only has the zone leader team and the sister team, so it's actually combining as a district with 일산 (Il-San), anyway.  I might as well not even move, because it's all so close.  Everyone keeps cracking jokes about me being able to walk to my new area, and I keep telling people as a joke that it doesn't matter if I pack or not, because if I need to I can just take a couple of trips to move all of my stuff, and that would still only take the morning.  3 of the elders in 일산 (Il-San) are moving out , and am co-senioring with a certain Elder Skinner who is the lone survivor of the 일산 (Il-San) elders.  This will be pretty fun.  

That's the big news of this week.  I went on exchanges with Elder 이, too.  That was fun.  I finally got to visit a member in our ward that I had been meaning to visit for my whole 7 months in 원당 (Wondang).  Their little boy reminds me exactly of Grant, my youngest brother.  He calls me 엘사 장로 (Elder Elsa).  I don't know why he calls me that.  He really, really likes Elsa, so I guess that just means he really likes me.  Wow, I'm going to miss this ward.  They are all so wonderful.  It'll definitely be a challenge for the 일산 (Il-San) ward to top this one.  

Yep, so Bu-bye now~

Elder Tyler Conley

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