Monday, March 14, 2016

The Age of Sarcasm is Over...


오!  안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week was quite a week.  It was a very exciting one, but it seemed to last forever.  I'm just looking at my planner at what we did this week, and I'm just so surprised that I haven't emailed since these things happen.  I suppose you all are wondering what the subject line refers to...

This week we had zone training.  I knew it was going to be pretty great, because the zone leaders came back from their meeting on Tuesday, where they learn what zone training will be about, and we asked them how zone training was.  Elder 이호현  (Yihohyeon) just said it was pretty good, but Elder Eggleston leaned over me slowly said, "We just got grilled for 5 hours."  What happened at zone training is that President Sonksen has decided that sarcasm needs to be completely done away with in our mission.  I agree with him, but that also means I have to pretty much completely change my personality, sort of.  The day that happened, our house was very quiet, because we didn't know what we could say without being sarcastic.  It's getting better now, though.  

Tuesday morning, we were able to meet with 김종우 (Kim, Jong-Woo), our investigator who we thought had disappeared off of the face of the earth.  He can only meet in the mornings now, so we need President's permission to move our studies around.  He told us that we have two chances, and if he's not progressing by then, we have to drop him.  So we met with him, and now, he has a huge desire to quit drinking and smoking, he wants to read the whole Book of Mormon, and he has a baptismal date for April 30th.  It was a huge miracle.  We had another miracle this week when we met with 임상현 (Imsanghyeon).  We were afraid he wasn't going to want to meet with us anymore, but we met and ate chicken together.  After our small lesson, he said that our words felt right in his heart, which is the first time he's ever said anything of that sort since I've come to 원당 (Wondang).  

On Thursday, I was with Elder Eggleston for the whole day, and we met with a family, whose father's name is John.  He is Korean, but he's really good at English, so we taught both of them in English.  We just met with him and his son, and I do believe that they are the most prepared people I have met during my whole time in Korea.  They are asking all the right questions, and our message can help them out so much, and they are so ready for it.  I'll be meeting them next time as well, because Elder Eggleston and I need to go on exchanges again next week so the other elders can do their music night practicing.  

About Music Nights, they have begun again.  I pretty much won't have a companion this week, except for Elder Eggleston, and that's probably the way it will turn out for the rest of the transfer.  

Some other fun things that happened this week:

We got a bishopric change.  Our bishop is the same, but the counselors changed.  They're all still really awesome.  The second counselor became our ward mission leader, and he's a really great guy.  He really wants to help us.

On Saturday, we advertised our English Class.  The whole time we were doing this, I just had this strange desire to say, "What's up, man?" to someone.  I can usually find at least one person who will be able to that when we hand out flyers, but this time, I was rather flustered with it all, and it was frustrating me.  But, then, Mark passed by.  He is black, and was born in Cameroon, but grew up in L.A.  He was like, "Hey, what's up, brother?" and came and gave me the bro handshake.  It made me whole week absolutely wonderful.  

Last night, we had this  massive streetboarding activity with the whole zone.  What ended up happening is Elder Benson, Elder Baird :) and I all went around with a streetboard and just talked to people and told them they were really handsome.  Koreans get really happy when you compliment them, so that worked out pretty well.

Fun week, right?

Elder Tyler Conley

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