Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some Ups, Some Downs

I've added names and places is parenthesis from Google translate. If anyone is reading this that knows better what these places or names are, please let me know. I have a hard time keeping track of what he's talking about with all the Korean characters, so I hope the translations help.


안녕하세요, 사랑하는 여러분!

This week was a pretty good week.  I don't feel like I have said that for a while, but I can definitely say that for this week.  We only spent half of the week inside the computer room making music instead of the whole thing.  That's a miracle in and of itself.  However, pretty much the rest of the week, I did not spend any time with Elder Bradshaw.  On Thursday, there was the choir practice for the Easter Music nights, so I was supposed to be with Elder Eggleston, but he had to pass a missionary off for LPP at the same time, so I spent a while in a trio with Elder Flora from 일산 (Il-San) and Elder Petersen from 금촌 (Geumchon).  Trio 전도 (mission work) is, quite honestly, a little hard.  Three people asking you to believe in Christ is a little scary for some people, so we didn't have a whole lot of success, but it was definitely a fun 2 or 3 hours. 

The next day, we had just enough time for weekly planning, and then I went on exchanges with good old Elder Paulsen, all the way back from the MTC!  We served in 일산 (Il-San) together for this exchange.  I went on a short little exchange with him 2 transfers ago as a greenie, so it was really fun being with him again.  Especially when both of you don't really know Korean at all... ^^  I also got to spend some time with Elder Polley, my MTC companion.  We're pretty much best friends.  That was really fun, too.  Saturday was a really fun day.  The first thing we did that day was locate the house of a referral that their area had received.  It led us out clear to the boonies.  I'm pretty sure that that area is pretty similar to 태백 (Taebaek) or some other city clear out in the countryside.  I have a picture.  Then, the day took a little bit of a turn.  We were waiting for an investigator, when a lady walks up to us.  Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she was 신천지 (?) or some other really hateful religion.  She started asking about Allah, and other weird stuff, and then told us about the Trinity.  We tried to tell her our beliefs, but she just shouted, "틀려!" at us over and over again (That means "wrong", but it's a really rude way to say it).  That experience put us in just a wonderful mood for our lesson with their investigator.  Sadly, the investigator only came to tell us that, since he was so old, he was unable to understand the Book of Mormon or learn about our religion.  That's an excuse that old people use a lot, but I am not able to validate it.  So, Saturday was also a really sad day, but Elder Paulsen and I still managed to have a good time together.  

On Sunday, we had church.  One of our members, 백정환 (Baekjeonghwan), asked me why I wasn't at Family Home Evening last night.  But he was really funny about it.  I told him it was because I was in 일산 (Il-San) the whole day.  Then, before ward council started, him and his wife were sitting across from us.  He looks at me with this smile, and leans over to his wife and says that I ditched them last night for 일산 (Il-San).  She gasps in a sarcastic way and says, "장로님!  배도!" (That means "Elder!  Apostate!")  ㅠㅠ (tears).  It was pretty funny.  I'm pretty much best friends with their family.  Also, it snowed on Sunday, with enough that all of the members that went to ward council had a snowball fight that Elder Bradshaw and I were present for.  We started to sneak away, when the same 백정환 (Baekjeonghwan) just comes and pelts me with a snowball.  I had a bruise for an hour or so.  It was pretty funny.  Sunday was a fun day.  

We received transfer calls this weekend as well.  The verdict is thus:  All of the Elders in 원당 (Wondang) are staying.  Sister Lautaha leaves, and is being replaced by Sister Lenhart from 화양 (Hwayang, Tyler's first area)!  In 일산 (Il-san), everyone is staying except for Elder Biesinger.  He is being replaced with a Korean Elder, whose name I have completely forgotten.  We will call him Elder Kim.  (I really wish he would make up names like this for everyone!)

Elder Conley

An extra little bit from his letter to me:

I feel that I must tell you that things with 임상현 (Imsanghyeon, Tyler told me to pronounce it eem sang hyun) are at a difficult area right now.  He told us earlier today that he only met with us as friends.  He said that his mind is just kind of black, and that nothing has ever helped feel right inside.  He told us all of his feelings about it, and doesn't really want the gospel because it hasn't helped him yet.  We haven't officially dropped him, but things are at a critical point right now.  So, some prayers would be nice.

We've been praying for this man as a family. If anyone reads this and would like to join us, please feel free.

 Elder Conley with Elder Paulsen
 Elder Conley with Elder Polley
"The Boonies"

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