Monday, March 14, 2016

A Very Necessary Exchange


안녕하세요, 여러분!

This was quite a week.  A whole lot of stuff happened.  On Tuesday, we had our Temple P-day, which was really great.  I really love the sense of peace and joy that comes from attending the temple.  We can all learn so much there.  After attending the temple, the 원당 (Wondang) elders and Elder Ahn, and Elder Swan from my 동기 went to this massive bookstore that was attached to a large subway station.  It was pretty great.  However, we ended up spending an hour trying to find where to eat after the temple, so we did not have a whole lot of time to spend.  The reason for that is that Koreans get a day off on March 3rd, because that day marks the beginning of their independence movement from Japan.  So, every restaurant we tried to go to was totally full with a 30 minute wait or so.  It was pretty bad.  On Wednesday, we had dinner with 홍무광 형제님 and 차미례 자매님.  They cooked American food for us.  However, since I have come to Korea, I have discovered that I have a small distaste for American food, and cannot eat it very well.  It was delicious, but it also destroyed me.  On Thursday, I went with Elder Eggleston clear up to the far northern region of our area to visit a member.  That took so long to do.  But it was pretty fun.  

Then it was Friday...

I had found out at the beginning of this week that we were going on exchanges with the AP's on Friday.  At first, I was a little worried because I wondered if there was something that I had done that they needed to correct.  As it drew closer, however, I decided I was going to use this as a moment that will help me to grow exceedingly, and that's exactly how it went.  I stayed in 원당 (Wondang) with Elder Yetter, and Elder Bradshaw went to 화양 (Huayang) with Elder 김한중.  All I am saying is that God really knows how to choose his servants well, because Elder Yetter was really able to follow the Spirit to find out what I needed.  I am a new Elder Conley now.  I have begun something so wonderful, and it will be great.

That's what happened this week!  사랑합니다!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Elder Anderson, Elder Swan, Elder Polley, Elder Littlefield, Elder Baird, Elder Biesinger 
with Elder Conley in front (his MTC group)
 Elder Eggleston, Elder Conley, Elder Yetter
Elder Bradshaw, Elder Conley, Elder Yetter

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