Monday, March 21, 2016

A Very Special Day...


안녕하세요, 여러분!

It is indeed a very special day today!  It is...

The First Day of Spring!!  Yay! and by that I mean it's my birthday...

We have had some fun today.  Just because it's a special day today, we've been listening to Christmas music for the whole day, and all of the other Elders have just been rolling their eyes at me because of that, but it's okay! ^^ Also, today, we are going to go to the 일산 (Il-San) elders' house to play some board games with them, and they just called us while we were emailing asking what kind of pizza we wanted from Costco.  We didn't believe them at first, but hey, I am always up for some pizza.

This week, Elder Eggleston was my companion for a lot longer than Elder Bradshaw was.  The Music Nights have begun for real now, so Elder Bradshaw and 이호현 장로님 (Elder Yihohyeon) are going to start getting pretty busy.  We also had Temple P-day again this week, which I don't really mind having it again already.  I really like going to the temple.  We also visited a good number of members this week.  Our relationship with the ward is getting really strong, and it's pretty awesome.  원당 와드 (Wondang ward) is super awesome.  We ate very well this week ^^  

The only 2 appointments we had this week were with 임상현 (Imsanghyeon) and with John and 산하 (his family?) while I was on exchanges with Elder Eggleston.  I'll talk about John first.  We were able to meet his wife this week, which is really good, because we were a little worried about her, because last time, we weren't able to meet with her, and John said that all the alcohol in the house is for her.  But last week, when we met, she was just as greatly prepared as the other 2.  We actually met with them for 2 and a half hours.  Not because we were just idly talking, but because they had so many questions.  We were planning on just teaching them the first lesson, about the Restoration, but we weren't even able to get halfway through it, because they just kept asking us so many questions.  It was awesome!  We ended up teaching doctrine from every lesson while we met with them.  If they don't get baptized, I will be super sad.

Next, we have 임상현 (Imsanghyeon).  We had an awesome miracle with him this last week.  He's finally trusting us a lot with everything about his life.  So, long story short, he pretty much testified to us for the entire lesson.  But that leaves too many questions, so I'll tell the long story.  When he was young, he had a dream.  He saw heaven and felt the peace He brings.  He knows that he lived with God before he was born.  He really liked that dream, and his only goal in life is to make it back to that place that he saw.  We were quite dumbstruck, to be honest.  It was a pretty awesome story.  We were just talking, and he all of the sudden asks us if there's anything in the Book of Mormon that tells about how to get back to heaven.  We were just like, "Well, the whole thing, but we'll give you 2 Nephi 31 to start."  He was extremely excited about that, and we were just out of it the whole way home.  Thank you all for your prayers concerning this wonderful child of God!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Elder Polley, Elder Conley, Elder Baird
Elder Bradshaw and Elder Conley

I asked Tyler if Elder Bradshaw lived through that hug.  This was his response:

Elder Bradshaw barely lived through that hug.  He barely lives every night, because I always make sure to give him a hug for 30 seconds to a minute.  He hates it, but I think it works out pretty well.  I think he secretly needs it.  Our companionship seems a lot closer since I started doing that.

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