Sunday, September 25, 2016

What a Week!


안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week has been a pretty great week.  We spent a couple days of the week exploring the far regions of 일산 (Il-San), but to no avail.  The first area we went to, we didn't even see a single person on the street the whole time.  I was actually quite impressed that Korea had a place like that.  This week wasn't actually very interesting, I just didn't actually know what to put for the title.  Just your average week in the Korea Seoul mission, I guess.  

This week, we taught a lesson to 김정호 (Kim), who is a less active.  He actually found us.  Back in the days when 일산 (Il-San) had four Elders (about 4 weeks ago), the other team got a call from him and he said that he wanted to go to church.  He's been actively attending church and English Class ever since.  His focus abilities are extremely low, so teaching him is always a fun time.  He's learning a lot though.  When we found him, he had forgotten everything he had learned when he got converted, so right now, we are working on teaching him all of the missionary lessons.  He came up to us after English Class on Saturday, and told us that he would read all of the pamphlets before we met again this Tuesday.  I was very happy with his desire to learn everything about the gospel, and I think he will be an awesome member.  

We also taught a lesson with Michael 윤, a long time English Class member.  It is more of reading the Book of Mormon in English and teaching principles found therein.  He really enjoys it, and understands it well.  He reads the Book of Mormon on his own in preparation for each meeting, so he also shows a great desire to learn.  We will keep working with him to help bring him closer unto Christ. 

That's honestly about all of the interesting stuff that happened this week.  See you all next week!

Elder Tyler Conley

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