Sunday, September 25, 2016



안녕하세요, 여러분!  

We got transfer calls this last Saturday.  I'm gone...

I'm leaving 일산 (Il-San).  Already...  I am going to 신당 (Sindang).  신당 is the area with literally everything awesome in our mission.  The mission office, the massive tie market, everything.  It's a massive area for Seoul (Three or so rather large wards were combined to make this ward), and I'm whitewashing in.  That means two people who are new to the area are in the companionship.  I will be with Elder 강원호 (kang wonho).  I get to serve with a Korean!  Yay ^^  I will serve as senior companion, so that will be a little different than this strange co-senior business I have right now with Elder Skinner.  I'm pretty excited.  

As for other things that happened this week, we found a new investigator.  His name is 오승우 (Ohseungwoo).  He is 18, and studies art in high school.  He really likes 80's rock music, like Guns n' Roses and Queen.  We got along rather nicely ^^  He is super prepared.  We asked why he wanted to meet with us, and he told us that when we gave him a call, he felt a really strong impression to meet with us.  He was extremely accepting of the Book of Mormon.  The only problem is, he lives outside the other side of Seoul.  So, we might just need to refer him to the missionaries over there.  

It's been a pretty fun week!  See you all next week!

Elder Tyler Conley 

Me with some 일산 ward young men

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