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This week was pretty great!  It was 추석 this week, which is Korean Thanksgiving.  I was here in Korea last 
추석!  That's kind of weird.  During 추석, all Koreans are in there homes, where they most definitely do not want visitors, so missionary work does not really run very smoothly during this 3-day holiday.  So, our mission set aside Wednesday as our P-day.  Then, on Thursday, we cleaned our whole house.  Except we weren't able to finish, because our kitchen was a nightmare. The next day, we had a big 추석 conference at the mission office.  All of the missionaries from our stake and another stake were there.  The big theme of the whole meeting was remembering the Prophet Joseph Smith, so we started up in a little grove that was above the mission office.  We sang a number of hymns regarding the Restoration, and had some fun games together.  We walked up a small mountain and unfurled a banner ^^  It was pretty great.  I loved it.  We also had some fun little competition between the 2 stakes.  We got wrecked...  Whoever decided that putting me on arm wrestling definitely had no idea what they were doing ^^ ㅋㅋ  We also played some 윷놀이 (Yutnori), the Korean board game with four sticks that I think I mentioned back in January.  Then, we did some traditional Korean hackey-sack, which I took many videos of.  But, everyone who did it did pretty badly, so I don't think I will send the videos ^^  It was a pretty great day!  

That's the only really exciting thing that happened this week, so I'll talk to you all again next week!  Have an awesome week!

Elder Tyler Conley

 Tyler with Elder Littlefield
 This is a 한복 (hanbok), worn by our AP, Elder Davis
 Overview of Seoul
The spoils of war! (We found this in the 원당 church a couple of weeks ago, and everyone else was deathly afraid of bees.  So, I had to do what I had to do^^)

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