Sunday, September 25, 2016

This Week..........


안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week was... decent.  This week, we got rejected!  We were outside a lot trying to find investigators with very very very little success.  That just happens sometimes, right?  The only investigator we were able to meet with was Tom.  By the way, if you look at the progress record that we discuss with the ward on Sundays, you will only see English names.  It's because we're in 일산 (Il-San), so pretty much everyone is fluent-ish at English.  On that note, talking with him was interesting.  He is an English linguistics major, so he asked us a bunch of questions about weird English stuff that totally went completely over our heads.  Then, we answered some questions of his.  He had a bit of a skeptical outlook towards it at first, but as we continued teaching him, and taught him the doctrine of the Spirit World and how it relates with God's wonderful Plan of Mercy, his countenance softened a little bit.  We'll have to keep working with him a little bit harder.

This week, we had Zone Training.  This month's focus is on the Book of Mormon.  I have wanted this to happen since I was a young greenie in 화양 (Huayang).  I love the Book of Mormon and the power that it contains.  It has the most wonderful testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I know that it is true, and that it has come forth in these latter days by the power of God.  It is truly a miracle ^^

See y'all next week!  Bu-bye, now!

Elder Tyler Conley

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