Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Combining Area is Fun to Do, Fun to Do to Do to Do


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This week was... interesting.  We were scheduled to be really busy this week, due to our area getting combined with the other 일산 (Il-San) area since the other 2 Elders just left.  But, Heavenly Father definitely loves to test our faith sometimes.  We had many appointments scheduled at the beginning of the week, but  we ended up being able to meet with 20% of them...  That's okay though.  We met with a man named Afari this week.  He is from India, and is spending 2-3 years in Korea for studies.  He is Muslim, but believes that Jesus Christ still lives.  That is definitely really great.  He's really busy with school, though, so meeting him might be a little hard in the future.  That was the most exciting part of the week.  

We also had an opportunity to go to 가좌 (Gajwa) in our area.  It's a little bit of civilization in the middle of nowhere.  It's not quite as in the middle of nowhere as the place I went with Elder Paulsen in... January or something (Wow, I've been out here forever...).  It was really fun.  We met a guy that said he would like to come to church!  That was really cool! 

Love you all!

Elder Tyler Conley

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