Monday, June 6, 2016

The Week of Miracles ^^


안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week was a pretty awesome week.  We did see a lot of miracles this week.  This is mostly due to the awesome zone training that we received this week.  Faith was a large subject at that training, and the commitment that all of the missionaries there received was a commitment to pick a miracle every night, and 부탁 the Lord to have us render that miracle during the next day.  This week, we saw two big miracles. 

The first is with Bob.  He is a very good friend of the missionaries, and we decided to start teaching him by reading scriptures with him in English, because he really really likes English.  With our last lesson with him, we gave him the baptismal commitment, and he tentatively accepted!  Now we have a really good focal point to work with, and that will help him progress a whole lot.

The second also involves English.  We have two students at our English Service Activity that we have been trying to pick up as investigators, and after talking about the family with them, Jannette and Blaire have agreed to meet with us again to discuss the gospel.

It's been a pretty great week.  Hope you all have a good one!

Elder Tyler Conley

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