Monday, May 2, 2016

Fun Week, Eh?


안녕하세요, 여러분! 

This was a pretty fun week.  It started off with some interviews with President Sonksen, which really helped me out a lot.  He definitely has the spirit of revelation with him.  I really look forward with having interviews with him.  Later that day, we almost got ourselves lost.  We went to the far regions of our area, where I have only been once for an extremely short period of time.  We met a couple cool people there, including one old guy who critiqued our 전도.  He had some really good insights on how to do it, but it kind of confused us at first.  

Then, on Wednesday, we met with a less active named 박명진 (Bagmyeongjin).  He is a pretty cool guy.  He served a mission in 부산 (Busan) a while back, so he knows all of our rules, including the little loopholes.  He literally told us he wasn't coming to church because he was lazy.  He also rebuked Elder Peterson for studying grammar so in-depth.  He gave us a parable: "Dinner you afternoon my house five.  Understand?"  So, yeah, that's how it goes with grammar, I guess.  

On Thursday, we almost died, because we had back to back dinner appointments with some of our ward members, who really really like to feed missionaries.  The first one knew about it, so she told us she would go easy, and then brought out these two massive trays full of bread on them, then when we went to the second one with the bishop, he said, "We have a house rule here.  Three plates minimum."  So, yeah, our tummies were not very happy that night.  But the food was delicious.  

On Saturday, we had a music 전도 (proselyting) activity, where people brought some musical instruments and played them on the street.  Sadly, they don't really have trombones in Korea, so I ended up just talking to people on the street.  But, I got to see a couple people from my 동기 (MTC district), so that was fun.  

Then, for all of this morning, the zone leaders pretty much beat me up during all of studies.  They've totally lost it.  We have fun in Korea ^^

Have a good week!

Elder Tyler Conley

 With Elder Peterson
 With Elder Baird
With Elder Baird and Elder Polley

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