Tuesday, May 24, 2016



안녕하세요, 여러분!

This week was a pretty great week.  A lot of missionaries are pretty burnt now because of a special 체육대회 that our stake had on Saturday.  As missionaries, we are all usually pretty covered up from the sun, so I think a lot of us had forgotten that sunscreen is an actual necessity.  But, now I'm a little red, and Elder Peterson got pretty destroyed by it.  A 체육대회 is a "sports conference".  The way our stake did it is like a field day that people have where they just play outdoor games and do all that sort of fun stuff.  It was super fun.  우리 원당 돠와드 had the most people there by far.  It was pretty awesome to see how many of our members came.  원당 is a super awesome ward.  They are all super close to each other, and super close with the missionaries.  It's super great.  Actually, the same night as the 체육대회 we still held 가정의밤 (Family Home Evening), even though it would definitely not be surprising if members did not come, since they would all be wiped out.  But, to all of our surprise, 백정환 (Baegjeonghwan) and his family came, and we hung out for a little while and then he took all of the missionaries and his whole family out for dinner.  He is such an awesome member.  

Also, yesterday, after a super awesome set of church meetings, we had a mini music night in 금촌 와드 where Elder Bradshaw and Elder Pelina came down and did a bunch of musical numbers with different members of the zone, and the members up there gave short talks about their conversion.  It was pretty cool.  The Spirit was super strong there.  On our final number as a whole zone, while we sang, you could just see the light that the other people were feeling from hearing these voices.  It was really awesome.  

See you all next week!

Elder Tyler Conley

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